Tom holds a B.A. degree (1983, Phi Beta Kappa) and J.D. (1990) from Stanford University. His professional career is defined by a unique cross-section of technical accomplishments and leading-edge work in high technology law.

Software and networking experience: Tom started his career with cutting-edge work at Stanford University in networking, software development and systems architecture, before practicing law (Stanford Law, 1990, Heller Ehrman White & McAulifee 1990-1997).  At Stanford University, he deployed advanced networking solutions and developed award-winning simulation software for higher education.  He helped to organize educational computing conferences such as EDUCOM and worked on the launch of Stanford’s pilot Microdisc program to bring discounted computer and software to students and faculty.  He also managed the deployment and operation, with SUNet, of campus-wide residential and departmental computer networks.  Tom was recognized for his contributions to educational computing and research with awards from companies such as IBM and Apple Computer. 

He has also done highly technical work on intellectual property matters for companies like Chips&Technologies, Atmel, RSA Data, and ImageX  More recently, Tom has continued to imagine, architect and develop advanced software products and intellectual property portfolios for venture-backed clients..

Legal experience:  Tom has held both VP Business Development and General Counsel positions. He practiced law for eight years with Heller, Ehrman, White & McAuliffe. In these roles, he has been a leader in high technology and intellectual property law. 

Tom serves with distinction in the legal profession in both California and Washington State. He has organized numerous MCLE courses on computing and intellectual property law, and chaired bar committees and conference panels on intellectual property, patent law and policy, and computer law. He is a cutting-edge lecturer and author on current intellectual property issues and the business management of intellectual property.   He is also a leader in bringing legal issues to the heart of major industry associations.  Some notable prior work:

    President, Stanford Law and Technology Association
    Founding Chair, Legal Affaris SIG, Washington Software Alliance
    Co-Chair, Intellectual Property Section, Barrister’s Club, San Francisco
    Chair, Section 102, Databases, American Bar Association

Management Experience.  Tom has held management and Board positions in several technology startups, and managed a private venture firm.  His resume includes:

VP, General Counsel and Business Development, Design Intelligence, Inc. (acquired, Microsoft Corporation).

Interim VP, Business Development, Fresher Information Corp.

Managing Director, Kindling I LLC.