Representative Engagements

Tom Maliska has experience in fields ranging from network computing, imaging, e-commerce, e-CRM, database solutions, semiconductors, and software development tools.  Some representative projects follow.

ImageX, 1999-2001            http://www.imagex.com/

Tom advised management at ImageX [NASDAQ: IMGX] and its subsidiary CreativePro.com on intellectual property strategies relating to their printing and desktop publishing products and services.  In particular, Tom created a large strategic patent program for ImageX to protect its technology for enterprise print management services.  Tom also advised the company on patent licensing and litigation matters; ImageX completed a mezzanine and two public offerings during the engagement.

Persistence, 1999-    http://www.persistence.com/

Tom advised Persistence Software [NASDAQ: PRSW] on intellectual property strategies relating to their web application server technologies. In particular, Tom advised management on patent licensing and litigation strategies, and on tactics for revenue generation from their patent assets prior to their public offering.

Aventail Corporation, 2001-       http://www.aventail.com/

Tom advises Aventail Corporation on intellectual property strategies relating to their secure intranet services and related technologies. To date, Aventail has raised more than $100M in venture capital and its Aventail.net services delivers some of the most technically adept network infrastructure management and integration technology in the world.

Tom has also advised management at a number of startup companies on a wide range of intellectual property strategies, litigation, and related business issues, including Fresher Information/Matisse (http://www.matisse.com/), Truis Corporation (http://www.truis.com/), Panopticon (acquired, now NASDAQ: KANA), Picture IQ (http://www.pictureiq.com/), Wave Research NV (acquired, now NASDAQ: EMC), and Design Intelligence (acquired, Microsoft Corporation). 

Tom has also represented clients in other matters, including intellectual property litigation, counseling and business planning in regard to technology company merger and acquisition, and strategic partnerships and related investment.  References and referrals available on request.

Past clients include both public companies Image.com (Nasdaq: IMGX), Wave Research (acquired; NASDAQ: EMC), Panopticon (acquired, Nasdaq: KANA), and startups such as Aventail Corp., Fresher Information Corp., Truis, Inc., Design Intelligence, Inc. (acquired, Microsoft Corporation), and ShopEaze Systems/InformLink.  Intellectual property litigation included complex cases involving crucial technologies for companies such as Texas Instruments/Chips and Technologies (patent rights litigation concerning semiconductor patents for core microprocessor products), Aldus Corp./Adobe Systems (patent rights litigation over prepress imaging technologies), RSA Data (patent rights litigation concerning original patents on public key encryption) and Computer Associates (trade secret misappropriation by former employees), Sierra On-Line (international trademark and software distribution litigation), Mail Abuse Prevention Systems (trade secret misappropriation and copyright infringment of anti-spam services).  Tom has also aided clients in assessing and settling dozens of patent and copyright disputes involving networking, database, internet, multimedia, enterprise and business process technologies.